Redditors Revealed Their Most “Interesting” Roommate Stories

When I was in university and dwelling in my to start with apartment in Chicago, my roommate was my then-boyfriend’s very best pal. Our neighbor advised me in self confidence that as shortly as our relationship acquired severe, my roommate was likely to just take a switch for the even worse.

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And that is particularly what transpired. He and I received engaged, and she flipped. Abruptly she desired to know in which I was at all times. She stopped cleansing and enable the sink mature a protect of mould whilst I was out of town. She started stealing my lease checks and paying out the dollars on no matter what she wished. It was a tremendous poisonous problem that I am glad I acquired out of.

Of class, that would not seriously evaluate to my ex’s faculty roommate who stored his pee in mason jars in his desk. Definitely, I’m not kidding.

“My roommate in higher education claimed he was concerned with the mafia. He was frequently sweaty, was really jumpy, and always had a lot of hard cash in his motor vehicle. He in no way was close to on the weekends, and I by no means observed him drink. Strangest of all, is that he by no means once slept in his room. He was always on the couch by the door. He at some point explained to me that it was mainly because if a person ever broke in looking for him, he desired ‘them’ to come across him suitable away, so no 1 else would get hurt. I nevertheless never know if he was telling the truth of the matter but however I Always locked my bed room doorway at evening.” DrLandingStrip

“One of my roommates employed to sleepwalk and snooze-talk just about just about every evening and I was the only 1 who’d be awake when it would happen. I would witness her cleaning our fridge, sealing our opened bag of chips, and I’d listen to her estimate Shakespeare in her snooze. What designed her go again to bed was me inquiring her to sleep and she’d appear at me and shut her eyes. Each time I question her if she recalled any of it, the answer was always no.” bbbonjh3ng

“My faculty roommate failed to know how to do laundry right before we started faculty. We experienced a group washer and dryer on our flooring. Likely the third week of faculty, I went down to get a soda from the equipment and I stroll in and there are bubbles four inches deep on the floor. My roommate walks in at the rear of me to look at his laundry. He experienced set three whole scoops of tide in the washer with his load. I had to take him to an off campus laundromat to clean all of the excess soap out of his outfits.” micromaniac_8

“The guy whose only home furniture in his place was a tent. He slept in a tent. In a place. I was truthfully impressed.” BeneejSpoor

“She made ‘chicken stew,’ which consisted of unseasoned rooster boiled in an overall bottle of crimson wine vinaigrette dressing and absolutely nothing else. The entire location smelled like vinegar for weeks.” TwiceInEveryMoment

“Had a roommate all through my technical schooling for the Navy. Person was silent, labored the night time change, and was often just a small odd. Although he was super awesome, we did not have several challenges. One day on my lunch split I come into our area to get some thing and I hear new music. Curious as to why Marilyn Manson was blasting Comprehensive quantity in what would usually be the center of his slumber time, I stepped inside of the doorway to see him lying on prime of his blankets with his arms folded around his chest Nosferatu design. Immediately after getting a instant to sign up just how unusual this was, I stepped in excess of by his speaker and turned the volume down a tad. That’s when his eyes shot open up and without the need of turning his head he just said “What are you accomplishing?’ I sh*t my pants internally and meekly responded, ‘Oh sorry, I considered you have been asleep. Was just turning it down.’ He paused a minute and just replied, ‘Oh… sorry,’ and shut his eyes once more. Dude was an oddball, but above time he opened up to me a small little bit and we begun gaming together. Anywhere you are person, I hope the Navy worked out for you.” stuccowork271

“Had a roommate that was a liar and a stealer. I noticed pics of him on Fb sporting my dresses. I confronted him and he reported he have to very own the similar shirt as me. He went out and bought the exact same shirt a few times afterwards and place it on. Then he handed me the previous shirt stating he observed mine guiding the dryer. It was stretched out and experienced his unique smell on it.” knovit

“I woke up all around 5:30 am and built my way to the kitchen, groggy and barely awake. As I turned the corner, I stopped in my tracks for the reason that my roommate of a few months was crouched on the counter, sporting a speedo. In a Gollum voice, he mentioned, ‘My precious!!!’ and mimicked Gollum’s unusual movements. I refused to react to it, claimed nothing, and created breakfast. It is really been 10 several years and we’re nevertheless terrific pals.” antwauhny

“A handful of a long time again my former roommate and I allow our downstairs neighbor move in with us due to the fact the guy he was living with experienced taken up a new habit. He’d befriended the pigeons that hung out on the rooftop outside his bedroom window and eventually started taking them within and caring for them like animals.” neuro_illogical

“I had a college or university roommate who was obsessed with CSI. She experienced a CSI pillow and sheets/blankets. She refused to convert on any lights and stored all blinds shut. She hated gentle and would sigh loudly if I would flip the lights on to do something. I went to higher education correct all-around when you essential a school electronic mail to make a Fb, and she would tell me that Facebook is how they spy on you… she reported she would never ever have a MySpace or anything at all of the like. (She may well have been proper on that a single.) She would often say I was a sheep and that I would have my id stolen by ‘them.’” xpollydartonx

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