Publish an E-book – Join the Thousands of Home-Based Entrepreneurs Earning a Living Selling Books

The eBook industry is mostly comprises of online home-base entrepreneurs. They are written, published, marketed and distributed from the comfort of your home., or any internet connection for that matter.

If you have already self-published your eBook in onlly electronic form you may want to consider formating it for print on demand and offering it in physical form through bookstores around the world.

For $400 to $1,000 professional consulting firms can edit your manuscript; convert your text file to PDF, LIT and HTML for delivery; lay-out internal text pages and design cover; do print-on-demand or POD production of your eBook into hardcover or softcover; do order taking, credit card processing and delivery; assign ISBN number; get your title in the database of major online distributors; get Copyright forms registered and get Library of Congress forms registered.

But you can save thousands and do it yourself while maintaining creative control.

If you seek help from eBook publishers this option will generate less profit for you., about 10% of the sales price compared to about 50% if you use certain print on demand firms. Once your Book is complete the only thing to do is write a long subtitle that is optimized for bookseller website search engines.

The subtitle can be up to 160 characters long, so stuff it (not the title) with keywords that, for example, Amazon’s internal search engine will pick up and place you near the top for your market’s keywords.

You can set yourself up as a publisher simply by starting your own publishing company, even if you only do this part time as a sole proprietor or directly register with other publishing companies. The primary reasons why people join the bandwagon are because it could be done at home and because it is something that you can mostly do on your own.

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