Great Holiday Villas In Paphos Cyprus

Cyprus is the perfect Mediterranean Island paradise and boast some beautiful coastal resorts especially along the Western coast. Most of the Island has seen some major development over the last few years and this in turn has led to the creation of a very lucrative rental market. Holiday villas in Paphos are only one example of the huge increase in this type of letting to tourist. With so much new property in Cyprus it is now becoming the norm to rent an apartment or house in favor of the traditional hotel package tour. In fact thanks to the growth in internet bookings people are opting to create their own holiday packages from the bottom up with separate flights, accommodation and car hire.

Villas in Paphos Cyprus may be getting more expensive to purchase but there is an eager market waiting to rent them. Medium sized houses and villas make the best investment because the cost of renting can be split between a larger group. Multiple bathrooms or separate ensuite facilities are a must too for multiple occupancy if owners are hoping to get repeat business. There is nothing worse than eight people fighting over one bath room and a downstairs loo every morning especially if you have teenagers in tow. A pool is probably another prerequisite for rentals even if the property is near the coast. People searching for holiday villas in Paphos and elsewhere in Cyprus are looking for a luxury holiday and that includes their own private swimming pool.

In an effort to secure that dream holiday home in Cyprus many buyers are now able to buy early before prices rise and its thanks to this booming rental market. Some astute investors are even self financing their holiday villas in Paphos by letting them out to tourist. The great thing about Paphos is that it is now recognized as an all year resort. This is the best news any property owner could wish to hear. Although rentals will be markedly cheaper during the short Cyprus winter they are still much more profitable than long term lets on the domestic market. The problem with long term rental stems from the low average wage on the Island which tends to self regulate rental values. Of course those renting out holiday villas in Paphos and other parts of the Island will be unaffected by this restraint. As way of an example a typical property that lets long term on the home market may realize cyp500. monthly whilst holiday rentals on the same unit could exceed cyp800 per week!

Even withstanding seasonal variations the renting of holiday villas in Paphos Cyprus makes a great financial argument. Those buyers that make the move now stand a good chance of having their dream home in the sun bought and paid for by the time they are ready to retire in Cyprus. With its superb Mediterranean climate and over 320 days of glorious sunshine every single year this beautiful Island paradise is sure to keep on attracting those eager rental customers year after year. It could be argued that holiday property makes the perfect investment because all you need to do is sit back, collect the rent and look forward to all those carefree years in the Cyprus sun. All the while not only could the property actually pay for itself but the value should steadily increase over time too. Plenty of good reasons then why investors and private buyers should consider the benefits of owning holiday villas in Paphos Cyprus.

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