Under One Roof – All About Meat Grinder Parts

Under One Roof – All About Meat Grinder Parts

Do you know what are the common meat grinder parts available in the market? What will you do if suddenly your meat grinder stops functioning? If you are aware of all the parts of your processor, instead of calling a mechanic, in other words waiting for a mechanic to come and check you can do it by yourself.

If you are well versed with your meat grinder parts, you can get the new part and call a mechanic to fit it. This will save your time and money also. Why am I talking about the money? Because if you are not well versed about the parts the mechanic can ask any amount of money which they will get it at a lesser cost in the market.

So, know your processor well. A typical grinder consists of few hardy screws through which the other parts are fixed. A lock or a handle, and the different kinds of slicers. There is also a support feet set that come along with your meat grinders.

The main parts are the slicers or knives or blades that help in chopping, mincing or grinding. You need to rub edible grease or oil when you are assembling your grinder. Make sure you tighten all the screws and place them properly.

The other parts that are included in your grinder are knives that come in different sizes. Grinder plates are also there available in different shapes and sizes which allows you to cut or chop meat in different patterns.

The assembling parts include fiber washers, plastic meat stompers which are made hollow from inside and various kinds of screws. There’s also metal stompers that helps to push in the hard meat in the grinder.

So, now since you are aware of the parts and their functions, you can mend or repair your own meat grinder parts without the help of any professional. A well directed manual also comes along with your equipment which helps you to assemble your meat grinder parts.

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