Types of Intruder Alarm System

Types of Intruder Alarm System

You don’t ever want to have to deal with an uninvited “guest” who has made his way into your home or office. One way to scare this person away is by installing an intruder alarm system. You will be able to keep your belongings, as well as your loved ones, safe once you have your alarm system in place. What a relief it will be to know that you have taken positive steps to protect your loved ones.

Many local businesses sell alarm systems for homes and businesses. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from. Some cost as little as $10 and others cost hundreds of dollars because they give you whole-system options. The more complicated systems require professional installation while the cheaper ones come in easy to install kits. It is not necessarily true that the more expensive systems do a much better job than inexpensive ones.

The entire alarm system concept is very easy to understand. It basically is just a simple electrical burglar alarm that is built right into a home or business entry. These alarms go off when they detect some kind of foreign intrusion. Two types of electrical systems that are used quite often are: closed-circuit and open circuit. A closed-circuit system works when for some reason the electrical circuit is broken (by an intruder) and the flow of electricity is stopped. When that happens, an alarm goes off. An open-circuit system works after the door is opened. When that happens, the circuit is closed and the flow of electricity is triggered and sets off an alarm.

Circuit-type alarm systems work very well in protecting the outside of your house or office building. However, they don’t work as well as a motion detector to protect the inside of your home of building. Motion detectors use either microwave energy or ultrasonic sound waves to detect any kind of motion. So, when an intruder passes near the motion detector, an alarm will sound.

These are just a couple of ways that you can keep your home or business secure when you’re present – or not. An intruder alarm system, if activated by an intruder, will go off loudly and alert you and sometimes the local police that an unwelcome visitor has broken into your home or office.

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