Travel To Singapore – The Best Times of the Year To Visit

Singapore is a tropical country that pretty much sees sunshine and hot weather all year round. You can expect the day time temperatures to be at its peak at around 31 degrees Celsius (87 degrees Fahrenheit) and that it will be very humid. Therefore pretty much all year round you can visit Singapore, however there are specific periods that you should take note of when traveling to Singapore. Here are some travel tips on the best times of the year to visit Singapore.

Holiday Seasons

The busiest time of year in Singapore is during December to February in which there are several major holidays during that time. The main holidays celebrated are Christmas day (December 25), New Years eve and New Years day (December 31 and January 1 respectively), and the Chinese Lunar New Year (several days – dates dependent on the Chinese lunar calendar). Therefore, during this time of the year in Singapore you will see many festivals and other events in which you can experience a unique celebration that is full of excitement. However that being said it is considered the peak period of travel, so you must ensure you make your bookings early (both hotel and flight). One thing to take note is that around December to January is the monsoon season in South East Asia, so be prepared for rain!

Special Events

There are several special organized events in Singapore which are worth coming down to experience. The first event that is worth mentioning is the Great Singapore Sale, in which many shopping centers and stores offer huge discounts off their items. You can find items as much as 70% off the regular price. The Great Singapore Sale usually lasts for about 2 months starting from late May and ending around late July.

The second event that is worth mentioning is the annual Formula One (F1) race. For all the F1 fans out there, this is the place to visit, as Singapore is the only place in the world that has a Formula One race during the night time! Also what you will see during that time are major concerts where international celebrities come to Singapore to perform to celebrate the F1 festivities. The race usually happens sometime in September, but you will need to check its official website for the exact dates as it varies slightly each year.

Low Seasons

The low travel season in Singapore is around July and August. During this time many of the hotels have lower occupancy rates. Therefore you may be able to get discounts on hotel stays during this time of year.

By taking note of the various seasons to visit Singapore, it will help you to effectively plan your trips in advanced.

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