Tiled Projects (and makeovers) You Can Do!

Tiled Projects (and makeovers) You Can Do!

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Tiled projects (and makeovers) you can do! Kick those makeover projects up a notch by adding tile!

Hello friends!

Today I’m talking TILE. Tiled projects you can do. And tile makeovers too.

I’ve done quite a lot of tile projects around here. I just love the look of the tile and the way you can use it to really change up an old piece. Either a small one or even a piece of furniture.

Here are a few of the tiled projects I’ve done over the years. Hope you enjoy and are inspired for your next makeover!

Tiled Projects You Can Do

1. Tiled Coastal Tray

blue mason jar on top of tiled tray

This was actually the first one I did. A thrifted print turned tiled coastal tray.
See it here.

2. Tiled Framed Criss Cross Tables

tiled tabletop frame on criss cross wood base

Then there was that time that I turned two old frames into tiled tabletop, criss-cross tables for our living room.
See them here.

3. Blue and White Tiled Tray

blue and white tiled tray with pink roses

This was one of my favourites! I love the blue and white. (and this pretty tile)
Old trays are probably my favorite to tile.
See it here.

4. Old Framed Print Turned Tiled Tray

wood framed tiled tray with green plant

Another pretty! This frame was not your usual and worked great for a tray.
See it here.

5. Simple Makeover With Painted Tile

white painted tile table with pink flowers

This one was a little different. I didn’t add the tile, I painted it! Great way to refresh an old piece.
See it here.

6. Simple Thrift Store Tray Makeover With Tile

white tiled tray on counter with green plant

Another favourite! It was a keeper…and I kept it. 😉
See it here.

7. How To Tile A Tabletop

blue tiled table with green plant

Coffee table with tiles?? Why, yes, absolutely!! What a difference it made.
See it here.

8. Wood Bowl Makeover With Tile

white wood bowl with tiles

Even small things are sweet when made over with tile.
See it here.

9. Old Frame Turned DIY Tray

wood framed tray with handles

Another tray! This one with handles added.
See it here.

10. DIY Tiled Table Top

white table with tiled top and white couch living room

This one also stayed here! I use it on our porch, you’ve probably seen it in my porch posts.
See it here.

11. Butterfly tray makeover

white painted tile with colorful butterflies on each one

This one went to a lucky winner on one of my giveaways! I really loved it. I didn’t tile this one, just painted and added pretty transfers.
See it here.

12. Mother Of Pearl Tiled Tray

white tray with mother of pearl tile and green plant seashells

And my most recent, mother-of-pearl tiled tray.
See it here.

Have you ever used tile to makeover a project?? Maybe something small or even something larger like a coffee table or dresser top?
It’s a fun way to kick that makeover up a notch, for sure!

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Tiled projects (and makeovers) you can do!  Kick those makeover projects up a notch by adding tile!  artsychicksrule.com

Have a wonderful fall weekend, friends!


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