The Truth About Home Base Business

There is so much Hype and Junk out there in the world of online Internet business it has been really difficult to determine what business is right for you. So we will address Home Base Business and what to look for.

The 3 top businesses that I believe you should avoid if you are looking to make the big bucks are MLM-Multi Level Marketing, 1up and 2up systems and low end entry affiliate programs.

1st. Why NOT M.L.M?

Simple. It sucks to make only $20 to $70 dollars per sale.

You need thousands of members to be making significant income.

Monthly autoship causes people to drop out faster than you can build it. It’s like starting over every single month (ouch!)

You also have to depend on your down line for your success and as fast as you build they are dropping out like a swarm of fly and you are back to building over and over again just to make you qualifications and volume requirements to get paid and each program has its own set rules of hoops and loops you have to jump through to make any money.

2nd. Why not 1ups and 2 up systems like for example:

Coastal, 1-Step, Emerald, PI, Phone Power, Gold Calling or Predator or EDCgold, Easy Daily Cash.
Simple. It sucks to have to pass up sales.

Even worse: In those programs you can’t leverage your people to become your money making affiliates. If you bring in a guy who makes a sale or 2 a day, you only get his first or two sales. THAT’S IT! BUMMER! You just lost money on all his other sales. Now, he’s your # 1 Competitor!
PLUS those programs are all saturated and distributors are clawing each other for members.

3rd. Why NOT Low entry affiliates Programs?

Simply its set up is a lot like MLM except they just make it bit easier where all you have to pretty much do is advertise your link and get a percentage of that persons entry fee for whatever program you are pushing and usually the pay out is so little that you really need to get an army of people every month to join you to make any significant income.

So where is the money really at? What program is a sound program for first time seekers or seasoned marketers?

Well, where the money really is at in the home base business industry is found in high tier programs and there are many of them out there and one of the high tier programs that causing quite a stir is called The Perfect Wealth Formula or known as PWF. What is unique about the PWF program is, it has all the essentials one need to build a successful home base business without burning a whole in your pocket. It’s complete with a great product that includes video training and your own replicated website with all the features for accepting payment from Paypal, Safepay, AlertPay to getting your own personal merchant account. But from what I have seen that separates this from all the other high tier programs is, It pay you on your very first sale of $400 or $1,000 without you giving up any sales and even better when a personally sponsored team member makes a sale, that person earns marketing overrides of $100 to $200 for every single sale they make to infinity and that can get pretty big with a program like PWF with such a high payout margin.

Top earner Johnny Scofield with PWF has stated that, “There’s so much on the internet today, it’s hard to find a program with both integrity and value. According to Johnny Scofield, Jason Pearson has truly developed a system that shares proven marketing strategies and some of the well guarded secrets of the so called internet gurus.”

The Your Six Figure Mentor Winners Team with PWF has gone a step further with their new training site full of “how to videos,” lead capture pages, webinar trainings, audios and e-mail series to better assist its team members when it comes to internet marketing and getting their internet business recognized.

More importantly, both The Perfect Wealth Formula and Your Six Figure Mentor Winners Team provide the tools and training to help its members succeed. Johnny stated that, “Who you decide to join in any opportunity can greatly impact your success. We don’t fluff it up like other places, we try to give a real perspective about what members can expect. Many people need to understand that big money can be made, but there is definitely a learning curve involved and this is where The Perfect Wealth Formula helps out.”

The most attractive aspect of Jason Pearson’s new program, however, is the compensation plan. Each sale a person makes, they earn $400 to $1,000 commissions. Even better when a personally sponsored team member makes a sale, that person earns marketing overrides of $100 to $200 for every single sale they make to infinity. “It only takes one experienced marketer on your team and you could be earning hundreds daily just off of their marketing override commissions, “Johnny Scofield. “Imagine finding 1, 2 and 3 of these people. I know they are out there.”

Keep watch for further articles on the truth about home base business to come.

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