The Sure-Fire Way To Earn Money In A Home Base Business Opportunity

Americans who want to earn money in a home based business opportunity have many business options that they can choose from. Having a business in your home has many tax breaks, among them a deduction on part of the house payment or rent and part of the utilities (limitations apply-check with your tax professional to make sure that your situation qualifies.) Many people who choose having a home-based business find that the advantages are numerous:

• Work your own hours
• Write your own paycheck depending on the amount of time spent
• Be available for family, friends, and activities
• Take time off when you want
• Unlimited earning potentials

There are as many commodities on the Internet for sale as there are desirable products in stores. A really big one right now is in the area of health and nutrition. Generally these products are sold exclusively through multi-level-marketing. Those who have become full-time representatives report earnings in the 6-digit range to $1M annually. There is tremendous growth possibility through MLM and Internet marketing.

If it is so Great, Why Do People Quit?

The drop-out rate of MLM entrepreneurs is about 1 in 10. Many of the 9 that are left make only minimal earnings, and eventually decide that it is not worth the hassle for the little gains they get. They spend the required time, but nothing seems to happen for them, and often they jump to another product with another marketing plan to see if that is where their rainbow is.

Attrition is one of the most frustrating aspects of MLM. New recruits come into the organization with great enthusiasm and stars in their eyes. They look to the leaders in the business

and think, “I can be there too.”

It is true that there is room for everyone at the top in network marketing, but somewhere along the way, the newbie becomes discouraged when he or she runs out of leads and does not know what to do next. This is the point when they begin to look around and think, “There must be something better, ” and start playing hopscotch from one MLM to another.

It is Not the Product that is the Problem; it is the Lack of Training

I was one of those hopscotchers that could not seem to get anywhere with my MLM ventures. I moved from company to company, and my friends and family became so used to it, they would say, “So, what are you selling today?” Or else they would just run the other direction.

Then one particular company’s focus was on training, and they used the most amazing and logical method of downline development called Get Paid Today, or GPT. I wonder why these other companies do not do the same; a focus on training will make for a happier business, as I soon learned.

Immediately, my fledgling organization took off and it was not long before I was training my own downline to do the same. The beauty of network marketing is that we can all be at the top. This sales platform works for any organization, and I’d love to share it with you.

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