The Difference Between Stainless Steel and Brass Soap Dispensers

The Difference Between Stainless Steel and Brass Soap Dispensers

When you set out to purchase a new soap dispenser for your bathroom sink you will find yourself faced with a number of choices. Not only are there thousands of styles of soap dispensers out there but there are also multiple options of metal. Two of the biggest choices you will see in metal, are stainless steel and brass.

One thing that should always be taken into consideration when comparing stainless steels and brass soap dispensers is the degree of relative humidity that is present in most bathrooms. Hot showers quickly fill a bathroom with a great deal of humidity. The issue with this is that under certain conditions brass can begin to deteriorate under a constantly high level of relative humidity, such as would be present in many bathrooms. Corrosion can occur as a result, particularly as the brass begins to age and the sealant begins to wear. The effect is tarnished brass. When tarnish occurs, brass typically develops a greenish hue. Though polishing will help, getting the brass back to its original shade can be difficult to impossible.

Stainless steel on the other hand seems to be relatively unaffected by a high relative humidity. At the very least, it would take far more extreme conditions than those that are present in a typical bathroom to cause corrosion in steel. Steel is in many respects easier to clean and maintain than brass. However, stainless steel does have to be polished often for a good appearance. A soap dispenser, for example, is something that would likely accumulate a lot of fingerprints. Those prints would need to be frequently removed with polish.

The alloys that these metals are made of cause them to react quite differently to their environment. Brass is typically less expensive than stainless steel, so that is something else to keep in mind.

The look that one hopes to achieve in their bathroom is something else that should be taken into account when selecting soap dispensers and other fixtures. Brass generally has a reddish brown color. It is unique, heavy, and timeless. Many antique implements and tools were made of brass. Because of its association with antiquity, brass is the preferred option for those who are hoping to go with a classic or rustic bathroom décor.

Stainless steel is often used in hospitals and other medical facilities because of its cleanliness. It has become a stylish fad in recent years to use this metal for household implements, particularly those in the bathroom and kitchen. It has a very clean look and is very post-modern in appearance. It is ideal for someone who hopes to achieve a modern, trendy look in their bathroom.

Though brass can wear out and become tarnished through constant contact with high relative humidity, most of today’s brass implements are sealed and will therefore still last a reasonable amount of time. Though steel isn’t as affected by humidity it can sometimes be difficult to keep it looking clean because of the way it picks up fingerprints so quickly. When it comes to picking the perfect material for your soap dispenser, you should take your personal tastes into consideration in order to make a final decision.

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