The Advantages of Using a Central Reservation System at Your Hotel

As a hotel or motel owner, there are certain things you concentrate on a daily basis. One of the most important aspects each day is ensuring you keep your occupancy rate high, the more rooms you fill, the higher your profits.

Ideally you want to run at a one hundred percent occupancy rate every single day, even though you know that this is almost impossible, except maybe during peak season. You have a website, you are a member of all the hotel booking sites and you spend hours working on your online advertising, what more can you do?

A central reservation system can help increase your occupancy rate by turning your website visitors into customers. This system gives you the ability to take reservations directly from your own website without any fuss, it can greatly increase your occupancy rate as majority of customers these days use the internet when looking for accommodation.

These systems are usually flexible, enabling you to tailor them to meet your exact requirements. Accepted throughout the world in hotels, motels, travel agencies and more. It integrates directly with your website, enabling you to take reservations straight away. In so many cases hotels are losing bookings, because the customer has to pick up the phone to book a room, with the central reservation system, they can make a quick decision and make their booking without any delays, phone calls or inconvenience. This means your customers can book their accommodation at any time of the day or night.

These are highly efficient systems. As you can imagine one of the biggest mistakes any hotel can make is over booking. Even with the technology available, many hotels make this mistake from time to time, often due to overworked or rushed staff taking calls without noticing that all the rooms have already been booked. The central reservation system ensures that the information provided on your website is up to date in terms of the number of rooms available and the rates of each room, eliminating any errors and over bookings.

This also means you are adding a beneficial experience to your customer before they even arrive. So many guests these days will book accommodation in the evening as they sit with their laptop in front of the computer. Some will even book while on the road, looking for last-minute deals that they can take advantage of once they arrive in a town or area that they like. There is no reason that you can’t benefit from these guests and increase your occupancy rate considerably.

The central reservation systems available on the market are very easy to use and easily managed by management and staff. If you already have a hotel reservation system, you can find a package that will integrate, completely eliminating any employee error in terms of the bookings being taken.

It is also a cost-effective solution. Once you start noticing the bookings coming in off your own website, you will soon start seeing a return on your investment. These are not expensive software programs, yet they can give your hotel with an increased revenue, soon paying for themselves over and over.

Overall the central reservations systems can make a huge difference to the functionality, productivity and service that you give to your customers on daily basis. Customers are more likely to book online than via the phone and there are no fees to pay to outside booking sites, because the bookings are directly off your own website.

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