Solar Hot Water Panels – Your Plan Out of the Energy Rat Race

A solar hot water panel or referred to as a solar hot water heater, uses the energy from the sun to heat a fluid, which is in turn used to move heat generated in the array to a heat storage vessel. This is free energy from the sun providing energy you are currently paying for. Why would you not get on board with solar and supplement your income with the sun.

There are two types of solar systems: active, which have circulating pumps and controls, and passive, which don’t. The output from the solar storage tank becomes the cold water connection to the conventional gas, electric or oil water heater. Effectively, this reduces the amount of electrical load needed to run the system to optimal temperature, which will save you money.

Solar hot water panels would be installed on the rooftop, each with a darkly-coated absorber plate complete with water circulation tubes. The dark coated plate will heat up the suns rays, transmitting this energy indirectly to the water through the piping system. This is one of the simplest applications of solar energy as well as one of the most cost effective.

A few other types of panels are brazed plate heat exchangers, flat plate solar collectors, solar water heat exchangers, solar evacuated tube collectors, solar water storage controllers, and solar hot water storage tanks. All of these can be combined in different ways depending on your energy demands and household occupancy.

Solar water panels in conjunction with solar water heating systems may use electricity for pumping the fluid, and have a reservoir or tank for heat storage and subsequent use, however the amount of energy required for this function is minimal and will be immediately paid back to the avid solar enthusiast.

Solar installation will reduce costs. Today’s technologies have developed into complete systems; off-the-shelf prepackaged solar panel systems are our first steps towards supplying solar energy for the masses. Solar energy demands are going to skyrocket as technological improvements and innovations continue to soar.

New solar panel hot water systems coupled with improving technologies have the potential to reduce domestic and commercial hot water bills by up to 70%. Solar hot water is one of the best ways to contribute to a positive stride towards climate change and an evolution of our energy markets. Claim your own independence and check out how simple solar hot water truly is.

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