Solar Hot Water Panel

The solar hot water panel is also known as a solar water heater. It works by utilizing the Sun’s energy and converting it to heated water. The heated water is then used to transmit heat to a vessel. You can heat the drinkable water in your home and then store it in a hot water storage tank.

The solar water panels are flat plate and are usually placed at the top of the roof along with an absorber plate. Fluid circulation tubes are affixed to the absorber. Mostly absorber is covered with a murky discriminating exterior. The purpose of the dark surface of the absorber is to assure that radiation from the Sun is converted into heat. The fluid circulation tubes take the heat where it can be utilized or hoarded.

Solar hot water panels uses solar energy to heat a fluid; water in most cases. The heated water is then used to move heat to a heat storage vessel. The process is initiated by heating sanitized water and storing it in a hot water hoard.

The solar panels can easily be installed on the rooftop. The fluid circulation tubes are affixed to the panel. They carry the frenzied fluid to a place where it can be used or stored. Once the heated water is stored, the heat exchanger is used to circulate the cooled water back to the solar hot panel to get the water reheated.

The heating cycle, power consumption, and cooling is started with every sunrise and works all day long for the usage of heated water. Solar hot water panels are especially useful for businesses that consume huge amounts of hot water.

The water heated by the solar energy can be used to:

  • Heat water for sanitary purposes such as showering and washing.
  • Electricity generation.

Hot climate regions can have solar water panels in simpler designs and at a cheaper cost. They are gaining popularity in the southern regions of Africa. The upfront cost of solar hot water panel is a bit higher than such systems powered through electricity or gas. However, this one time investment will save you at least 20% on your electricity and gas bills.

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