Restaurants in Dubai

Food is appetizing when you are in Dubai.

For a true foodie, there is no sincerer love than the love for food. Earmarked Emirate-Dubai, is a mosaic of multinational cuisines with more than seven thousand restaurants, serving up to 200 varieties of menus and a heart-warming hospitality.

Nevertheless, Dubai has everything to satisfy your hunger pangs, from sweet delights to midnight snacks, everything is readily obtainable from all around the globe, without venturing too far from your home. The city is a must-visit destination for every taste explorer. It’s a dive into a vast ocean of countless salubrious places to eat. However, the menus are not only limited to Middle Eastern list of options. Also, it is exceptionally convenient to find international foods that include Mexican/Chinese/ Indian/Moroccan, etc. , prepared in authentic ways by regional chefs. With an ever-growing influx of expats and tourists of varied ethnicity who have started awarding food its due, have already acclaimed Dubai an outstanding gastronomic hub.

To name a few, celebrity chefs like- Jamie Oliver, Gary Rhodes, Silvena Rowe, Pierre Gagnaire Sanjeev Kapoor, Yannick Alléno, who have unwrapped their franchises in the city have manifested Dubai as an ideal culinary destination. Here diners get a chance to experience some of the top authentic preparations, that are mostly served at lavish counters of Sheikh Zayed Road. Whether you are in search of a vegan or a veggie kitchen or if you are a meat lover, there is always a novel hub with an extraordinary set of choices to experience. Even though, anyone could literally go on a spree from cafes to bars and several other places just to try out special delicacy. Not limited to high-end dining at the rooftop of the Burj, but also at the street side joints it is akin to have to treat your taste buds. Be it a Shawarma or Biriyani, Zafrani Tea or Shisha, the city eateries have enough to offer you on a platter.

Furthermore, to encourage the food culture, Dubai also has a few restaurants like Al Dhiyafa, Al Muna, Boulvar, Cappuccino, Dusit Deli, Mistral, Sloane’s, Zaatar W Zeit who serve 24-hour dining with international choices of cuisines. In this city, a large number of the population depends on deliveries and quick bites. For this, a few user-friendly apps such as Zomato, and Time Out Dubai, provide an effortless access to the locations of restaurants and assist the users in filtering the places as per their disposition, cuisine, budget, or distance. For sure this splendid variety of multinational kitchens is what you would hardly discover at any other place at once than in Dubai.

Thus, stay here, build a relationship with food and be a Foodirati!

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