Real Estate Agents: Know That House’s Niche

Why do some homes, attract large numbers of qualified potential buyers, while another, seems to struggle, attracting the right buyer? Since every house, is, somewhat, different, isn’t it, important, for an agent, to properly market, it, with a clear focus, on attracting, a specific niche, to attract buyers, most likely to be attracted, to it? Many believe, marketing and selling, real estate, is, simply, a number’s game, but, rather, while it is impossible, to sell, any house, unless/ until, it’s viewed, this will only get the most desirable results, when the right buyers, are viewing it. Homeowners should hire a real estate agent, who, tells them, what they need to know, not just want to hear (TM), which includes, thoroughly examining and considering their house, and creating a logical strategy, based on niche – market, pricing, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few examples, which might be relevant.

1. Configuration of house: An agent should do, a thorough, walk – through, of a house, and, consider, what the niche market, might be. Obviously, the size and layout, are obvious factors. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, size of kitchen, entertainment areas, etc, should be considered! Smaller houses, are generally, sought, as, either a starter home, or by, individuals, wanting to down – size! However, before coming to this conclusion, examine, the overall, lot size, and, whether, it may also attract, individuals, wanting to renovate, or tear – down, and customize a house.

2. School system: While buyers, with families, consider, the quality of the local public schools, to be a major factor, this, often, also influences, home values, and desirability. One should examine, a combination, of the particular house, as well as the suitability, for families, when identifying a niche!

3. Convenience to transportation: How convenient, is mass transportation, to this property? This may be a major factor, which helps to attract potential buyers, who commute to work, daily. How near to highways, may also be an important factor!

4. Price range: Think about the buyers, who might, be most attracted, to houses, in a specific price range! How does this house, compare, to the others, on the real estate market?

5. Competition: Begin with a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA), in order to better understand, the right price, as well as, the niche market! Smart agents know the competition, and use it, to their advantage!

Interview real estate agents, before you hire, the best one, for you, and your circumstances! When an agent, and homeowner, are on the same – page, the transaction period, becomes far more convenient!

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