My 6 Year Old Stanley Thermos

I would have loved to regale you with stories about all the Stanley thermos I have ever bought and owned, but the truth is I only have one that I bought 6 years ago and I have never needed to have it repaired or replaced. (I don’t know if it’s a sound business strategy for Stanley to offer thermoses that won’t break or fail in a man’s normal lifespan, since it doesn’t have a built-in market for replacements or repair, but it’s their company and they seem to be successful so far)

My Stanley thermos is a 1.1 quart green classic style bottle that I bought when I first found out that my new work is at an office that didn’t have its own microwave or hot water dispenser, which meant that if I wanted to have hot coffee, my only choices were to go down a couple of floors and use some other company’s microwave, or go down a few more floors so I can get coffee from the building’s vending machine. I decided I would by my own carafe and bring my own coffee to work, since my job did not give me enough free time for the unnecessary travel time(which, I thought added up to more time than it took for me to drink the entire cup of coffee, which in turn seemed kind of silly)

Before buying a thermos, I first surfed the internet and read reviews and product descriptions, since I wanted a durable and long lasting thermos that will keep my coffee hot for a long time, due to my dislike of wasting coffee just because they got cold. The info provided by different sites and forum was unanimous: Stanley Thermos is king.

I have read stories where people claimed that their thermos is more than 10 years old, having inherited them from their father or grandfather. I have also seen a video of people subjecting the Stanley thermos to a variety of punishing stress tests: Letting it roll down in an upright position from 8 flights of stairs, bashing it repeatedly against a rock, throwing it from the rooftop down to the pavement, and hitting it with a baseball bat. The Stanley thermos showed gained a couple of dents and some scratches as expected, but there was no spillage or leakage, and the coffee is still hot. I knew then that in spite of people saying that I have to pay premium for one, the Stanley thermos sheer durability and efficiency would pay for itself eventually.

When I bought mine, I immediately removed it out of the packaging and proceeded to do a little durability test of my own. I threw it as hard as I could in a nearby wall and as to be expected, it made me look really silly, especially with all the people passing by. I got some really weird stares. But as for the thermos, it only suffered a dent and upon going home I filled it with hot coffee and didn’t see any leak. When I went to the office the next day, I realized that I forgot all about the coffee but it was okay since the contents were still hot enough to drink.

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