Minimum Wind Speed Required to Run Windmill at Home & Generate Continuous Electricity

If you are planning to build a wind mill yourself, then you need to verify few things. The most important among them in the wind speed in your area. Do you have enough wind speed to generate continuous electricity for your home? Will your wind turbine and energy generator will work fine with the wind prevailing in your area?

The usual average wind speed required for a windmill to work efficiently and properly is around 10 miles per hour or more. The windmill must be set up in places where there are no tall buildings or towers. There should be no hindrances to the flow of wind. Though a windmill can be setup in any area worldwide, it works the best in areas which have an average of 10 miles per hour wind speed.

Prerequisites for Building a Windmill At Home?
There are two prerequisites or necessary things you need to consider before building a wind energy generator at home. These are wind speed and area. Its best to build a windmill in an open area. A windmill works great in the backyard or rooftop of your home. Nearly everyone has seen a working one at least once in his life. Solar & Windmill Guides can help you build it all easily in a few hours.

How to build a windmill yourself at home?
There are many good detailed guides and kits available which contain all the instructions from start to stop about making a windmill at home yourself. Most of these guides contain both solar panel & wind mill DIY (do-it-yourself) instructions with diagrams and all technical details given in an easy to understand manner. You will get complete information about the materials required, where to get them, detailed diagrams, video instructions and all other complete details to build, repair, wire and maintain the windmill & solar panel yourself.

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