Mandura Business Review – Training?

Mandura comes out of the Sunshine state, Florida. Founder of the company is Casey Yarbrough. Most of Casey’s adult life has involved Relationship Marketing.

Out of college Casey got married and joined a network marketing company named Excel Communications. His goal was to enable his wife to stay home with their new baby by replacing her income with the profits he gained through this opportunity. He quickly reached his goal and they were both able to quit their jobs and work full time in network marketing.

The company eventually sold for $2 billion, in that time Casey had 10,000 reps and over 100,000 customers. Casey became involved in residential mortgages, he became the company’s top financial advisor averaging $14 million a month in mortgages.

After three years, Casey opened his own correspondent lending company which remained successful for four years until the lending economy began to crash. Casey prayed for a new direction. Casey has always been interested in the nutritional business.

He decided he wanted to begin a company that would offer a nutritional juice supplement like none other on the market that would benefit people financially and nutritionally. Casey’s experience in network marketing and financial arena, allowed him to excel at building his Mandura company.

The premier product is called Mandura. Mandura includes Durian fruit, Mangosteen, Acai Berry, Blueberry and White Durian Fruit is one of the key ingredients, know as the warming fruit. The product appears that it can hold it’s own in the market.

I don’t like preservatives and Mandura contains zero preservatives. They have a unique bottling process that requires no preservatives, while giving it a two year shelf life.

The compensation plan is very different than any other network marketing – it is a one leg plan. Phenomenal! Your team is built for you, everyone that comes in after is placed on your team. Your team grows even while you are sleeping. You still have to recruit new people into your organisation. You will still have to produce to qualify for bonuses.

The missing piece of the Mandura puzzle is TRAINING. replicated websites, capture pages etc. I will assume that most of the training will be “Old school” techniques. The old school methods will require passing out business cards, making a list of 100 people, making fliers, handing out business cards, cold calling and buying leads.

Well what does a Mandura distributor do when they have exhausted their list? Where will they get more leads? The power of the Internet comes into play now. In one day, how many times can you show your plan? Maybe five? Proper training in the web 2.0 era you could show your plan to over 1 million people a day.

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