Male Doesn’t Want Sex – Sexless Marriage Help For the Puzzled Wife

Many women in a sexless marriage are puzzled and confused because they’re in a situation where a male doesn’t want sex– and that seems to go against everything we “know” about the male sex drive.

As a girl growing up, you saw boys goggling every time a girl in a miniskirt walks by, then as teenagers all they seem to be able to think about is getting to “home base.”  When you got to college, there were tons of guys who tried to pick you up, and they weren’t exactly looking for a long term relationship either.

The idea that a male doesn’t want sex just doesn’t seem to make sense, so most women are extremely confused when they wake up one day married to a man who they suddenly can’t seem to turn on.  When their husbands tell them that they don’t want to have sex anymore (either by saying it outright or through their behavior), most women can’t figure out what to make of it, much less how to change it.

The answer might surprise you.  Yes, it’s true that men naturally have a very strong sex drive, as they mature, their sex drive changes to become more emotion-based.  Not totally of course, but most married men wouldn’t be interested in having sex with a woman just because she was beautiful, naked, and beckoning (unlike those college guys you used to know). 

If a married male doesn’t want sex with his wife, it’s because he no longer feels a strong emotional connection with her.  So working on developing your relationship and getting closer emotionally to your husband is the first step you need to take.

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