Finadene – Island Sauce For EVERYTHING

Born and raised on Guam, I never stop comparing stateside parties with the village-wide fiestas where everyone on island is invited. Rub elbows with the mayors and senators of the island, and never tire of the abundance of food, music, conversation and laughter. With its multi-cultural population, Guam has many different flavors and tastes. In this article, you’ll find one of the island’s most requested recipes – Finadene, the island sauce found at every party, and poured over almost everything!

Finadene – Island Sauce for EVERYTHING

Dip into it or pour it over EVERYTHING. Islanders NEVER do without it, and our off-island visitors bring this fabulous Guamanian recipe back home. Finadene has a soy sauce base that is delicious with steaks, chicken, fish and vegetables. Pour it over rice!


1 cup lemon juice and rind

2/3 cup soy sauce

1 cup chopped onion

2 stalks of green onion, chopped

10-12 medium hot peppers, chopped or mashed according to your ‘heat’ preference


Cherry tomatoes – sliced

Cucumbers – sliced


Make this a few hours ahead or the night before. Mix all ingredients together and store the Finandene in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve!


Pour it over rice (a standard for ALL Guamanians and found at every party), over barbecued, grilled or fried chicken, steaks, ribs, fish, and vegetables. The sauce, because of its lemon base, gets tastier every day. Make sure to store unused sauce in the refrigerator and enjoy for weeks afterwards.


Guam’s Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants hand out Finadene like ketchup!

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