Feng Shui Tips From The White Metal Rat

Worldwide the energies are changing dramatically as we enter a new decade on the western calendar and a new 60-year cycle on the Chinese Zodiac. 2020 will be the year of the White Metal Rat. Clever and opportunistic, the rat won the race of the twelve animals riding high up on the Ox. Legend has it that the rat wanted so badly to win the race of the twelve animals that she rode triumphantly on the back of the Ox, fearful that she might not be seen if she’s not elevated.

Speed, both good and bad, is the dominant energy of this new cycle in energy patterns. Quantum speed, often incomprehensible in its minutiae, prevails in all aspects of life on a global scale. 5G technology will change the way we work, live and play. We now live in a digital world and have moved into an age when the winds and waters of feng shui are blowing stronger and faster than ever before. Keeping up with the yang of rapid changes will be the new art of feng shui, while counteracting the stress of speed with the yin of rest and contemplation. Maintaining good health is difficult but mandatory to meet the demands of the new digital lifestyle. Quantum speed will drain personal energy faster than ever before. Healthful eating habits and exercise with sound sleep patterns are a must for maintaining a strong constitution and disease-resisting immunity.

Bad health is one of the adverse indications in Chinese astrology charts for the year while another indication forecasts a quarrelsome year with intolerance, discord, and conflict. However, none of the five elements are missing, thus the charts are well-balanced showing a trend for strong leadership and logical minds that will resolve conflict with renewed respect for intelligence.

With proper balance, we can benefit from the many opportunities popping up in the new year. The metal energy of the rat is conducive to completing pending projects as long as proper rules and protocols are being followed. Building a strong base of operation is the platform from which to jump when opportunities for creating wealth present themselves.

The rat likes the finer things in life, therefore home base should be orderly and aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be the refuge where our batteries can be recharged in a yin ambiance with rest and relaxation. Activities should be gentle and uplifting. Fully recharged and fully engaged, it will be easier to go forth and face the demands of a digital world where awareness, focus, and attention are prerequisites for success in seizing the opportunities sniffed out and presented by the White Metal Rat.

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