Feng Shui Strategies For Domestic Bliss

We are well into the year of the Earth Dog, and hopefully had the opportunity to observe how things are going by now. Have we made progress? Is our nest egg growing? Are we healthy and physically fit? Are we focused and mindful in our daily activities?

According to various forecasters, the year is supposed to be calm and peaceful, however, it is not about venturing out and conquering new terrain; it is rather about our home base, about improving our station, about finishing and completing pending projects. Staying focused in our personal sphere and minding our own business will help us avoid confrontations. We should also seek to protect our property and shield our values.

If we superimpose the bagua, feng shui’s symbolic map of life issues, onto the footprint of our space, we can determine where we might need to make adjustments, activate a certain area or add extra energy. That can be done in a number of different ways depending on the school of thought or feng shui philosophy that we happen to embrace.

In Pyramid feng shui we like to substantiate our feng shui assessments with the latest from scientific research. Intuitive schools of feng shui base their readings on empirical knowledge and observations, and Lillian Too together with other Compass School practitioners recommend feng shui cures in accordance with compass readings and directions. All schools rely on symbols and talismans as visual and tactile reminders of the epithet “where attention goes, energy flows.”

The themes that seem to be dominant during this year of the Earth Dog are:

• Gossip, Slander, Back Stabbing, Quarrels, Theft and Burglary

• Health Issues, Allergy Attacks, Accidents

• Slow or Lack of Wealth Creation, i.e. Prosperity

The strong Earth is a grounding element which requires discipline, a down-to-earth attitude and pragmatism. Lillian Too suggests that we walk away from confrontations and refrain from being impulsive. We should burglar proof our homes and protect our possessions. North and East are trouble zones according to Lillian Too, and these areas should best be kept calm and clean. For those who prefer, symbolic protectors can be installed in those sectors.

Health is our most precious asset, and health is always associated with the center sector of the bagua. The number 9 is the lucky number of the year; it is the number of completion, the ultimate number which resides this year in the center, also called the tao or grand ultimate. Thus treating the center with great respect is of the utmost importance. Make sure it is clean and free of clutter. Keep the center well-lit, perhaps increase wattage or add lights. A plant or flowers in the center will add growth and energy.

According to the magic square, the lucky number 8 is in the prosperity sector, so why should it be so difficult to create wealth? According to Lillian Too, metal is the missing element in this year’s charts. Therefore, metal should be augmented with feng shui adjustments. Wearing gold jewelry is an option; metal wind chimes replicate the sounds of coins; and last but not least Lillian Too suggests painting some rocks with gold and piling them up to create a mountain of gold to be placed in front of your home.

Our house is the mirror that reflects what we’ve achieved or what we are lacking. If we turn it into our vision board, we can strategize what we want to activate and where more energy is needed. Last but not least, we could increase our luck and protection for all sectors by practicing the Golden Rule.

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