Choosing a Tent For Camping

It’s difficult to buy a camping tent primarily because there are such a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles available. It helps to first decide how many people you will typically camp with and whether you need to be able to carry the tent on your back or can simply keep in the trunk for car camping most of the time. Tents that are designed for backcountry camping are usually unnecessary for car camping.

They are designed to be as lightweight and streamlined as possible and therefore they can be quite expensive and have few luxuries. If you will be mostly car camping, don’t hesitate to get a tent meant for car camping! Though it will be heavier, it will be sturdier, dramatically less expensive and have more luxuries than a backcountry tent.

Many tents meant for camping with your car will be easier to put up and will be larger so that you may even be able to stand up inside! A larger tent may also mean that you can fit air mattresses or cots which are luxuries that are never possible with backpacking tents.

Depending on the number of tents that you have, it may be worth it to buy two or more separate tents instead of one huge tent. For example, it may be nice if kids and adults sleep in separate tents. Other types of camping tents actually have 2 or 3 tents that are connected by passage ways which can be a great option as well.

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