Camera Thief Caught on Wireless Security Camera

When a business owner arrived to work in the morning, he noticed that two benches had been moved and were placed in front of the door. He looked around to see why they would have been moved, and saw that the security cameras were missing. Upon review of the recorded footage, he discovered that in face the cameras were stolen. The business owner jokingly remarked that perhaps the thief wanted the security cameras for his mother’s day gift for his own mother.

Fortunately for this business owner, the camera thief wasn’t very smart. The wireless security camera captured and recorded a clear image of his face right before he stole the camera. The thief was wearing a mask, but it didn’t hide his entire face. From the images, the thief’s mouth, nose, and eyes are still visible from the mask. The images were recorded up until the second he stole the camera, so the business owner and the police have a picture of the masked man to show the public. They are hoping that someone will recognize enough features of his face that were shown so they can make an arrest and prosecute the man.

In addition the wireless security cameras affixed to the front door, there were also cameras mounted on the rooftop of the building. The rooftop cameras also recorded images of the theft taking place. The masked thief was described as having ninja like characteristics. He went to great lengths to steal the cameras that were also on the rooftop. To get to the rooftop, the thief had to jump fences and scale up the side of the building use a lumber rack for hand and foot holdings. Not only did he have to climb up 18 feet high, but it was raining while all of this was taking place.

After police reviewed the footage the cameras had recorded before they were stolen, it appears that the thief’s purpose was solely to steal the cameras. He never tried to break into the store. Also, after investigating the outside of the building, there weren’t any attempts to break door locks or windows. The business owner is puzzled by the thief’s actions. He said that wireless security cameras are so affordable and, he doesn’t know why the thief wasn’t trying to steal merchandise from his store.

Employees of the store have posted pictures of the masked man around the store and put the video footage up on YouTube. They are hoping someone will recognize the parts of his face that were shown. The wireless security cameras the thief now has in his possession will more than likely be the reason the man is found and charged with theft.

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