Andy Willoughby 3 Step Plan – Fact Or Fiction?

While the 3 Step Plan looks legitimate, only can you decide for yourself whether this is real or a scam. Claims are that it is easy and that they can teach almost anyone that they can make more money at home. They state that they have helped thousands of families to start their own home-based business where they bring the customers to them. For start up cost lower than buying a decent vacuum cleaner and a continual supply of customer calling them is this real or a scam?

Some more claims that they makes on the web site are that the average home base business earns twice as much as the average American household. 95% success rate with 40% of U.S. households actually having a home business. They point out that by having your own business also allows huge tax write offs. You will also have a lifestyle to where you dictate your own schedule so you may spend more time with your family. They make it sound real simple and they do a great job of arousing curiosity. All you need is a computer with internet access, a telephone and a great attitude.

Their advertisements do not mention what he is marketing but is focus on how they can help with this 3 Step Plan. What they are actually marketing is Xango Juice which is part of a Network Marketing Company Business Opportunity. The core ingredient is Mangosteen fruit which is high in antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients. Mangosteen has been known to be a positive ingredient to help supplement nutrition that your body needs. As a distributor you can earn profit from the sales of Xango and for the ones you recruit you will also receive overrides. Xango cost around $25 a bottle and you sell it for $40 to make a $15 profit. From there you receive a 5% override for those who decide to become distributors.

Andy Willoughby’s 3 Step Plan in not a scam since Xango is a legal Business and there are some who are making great income marketing their product. With the 3 Step Plan they are basically charging an extra fee per month for the leads that they provide. Now where this gets tough is that if you are not a sales person or do not know how to talk to people you will have a hard time converting them to your business. Since you have to move the Xango product to earn income at only a $15 profit retail and a 5% override from distributors that means you have to move large quantities of Xango repeatedly to earn a full time income. This means that it would take you a long time to develop the volume needed to replace any full-time income.

I like the Business model of Xango and know that a lot of people are achieving success in it. The hard part is trying to sell a bottle of juice for $40.00 and explaining it benefits when you can go down to Costco and buy it at a 1/3 of the cost. I would recommend you to do your due diligence before making any business investment.

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