All Affiliate Marketers Need These 3 Things To Survive Online

Finding success as an affiliate marketer means finding a successful market that gives the biggest paychecks. There is no magic formula available, it is as little more complicated than that. There are tried and true tactics that work in online affiliate marketing, By utilizing these top three marketing tips, you will be able to increase your sales, and not only survive, but thrive in the world of affiliate online marketing.

1. For each product that you are marketing, use a separate web page to promote each one. Don’t try to lump it all together just to save money on web hosting. For each and every product that you are promoting, it is best to have a site focusing on that product. To ensure that your website visitors have a good understanding of what the product will do, be sure to have a product review for each one. If possible, include testimonials form people who have used the products. You must be sure that you have the permission of these customers to use their names and photos on the product review page. As an additional page on your site, you can write articles on the uses of the products.

2. At the very top of your page, offer your readers free reports. For those who enter their contact information into your sign-up box, try and create a series of autoresponder messages that will be sent automatically to your subscribers. According to statistics, most prospects will not buy until they have been exposed to what you have to offer seven times. Don’t make your messages sound like a sales pitch, direct the content more towards why they should buy your product. Use compelling subject lines that will show your prospect how your product will make their live easier and more enjoyable. Never use the word “FREE”, as there are still older spam filters that will dump your site into their junk mail before anyone gets to read it. Try and convinced those that signed up for your free report that they really need your products.

3. Try and find ways to get targeted traffic to your web site. People tend to move on and never come back if they have no interest in what you are offering. Locate publications that focus on your target customer by writing articles that can be published in E-Zines and E-publications.

By writing a minimum of two articles per week, each being 300-600 words, and consistently getting these articles published, you can easily get 100 targeted readers to your site per day. On average, only one out of one hundred will buy, so, if you can get 1000 visitors to your site per day, you could be making 10 sales per day.

The three tips that I have outlined above are not difficult to do, they just require an action plan on your part.
Try and implement these three tips for several affiliate marketing programs. If you are consistent, and stick to the plan, you will be successful. You will do what very few who attempt this business do, and that is to create a lifestyle that most would envy, and secure your future by creating your own economy.

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